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MLBBF Volunteer Form

Band Camp: Band camp will be held July 17-21 and July 24-July 28.  Volunteers may sign up for shifts throughout the 2 week camp.  Workers will be used for set up, hydration, general cleanup and meals.

Mess Hall: During special rehearsals, we will serve lunch or dinner to students. Volunteers will help prepare, serve and cleanup.

Hydration: Hydration is the key to successful rehearsals.  Students take several breaks throughout rehearsal for Powerade/Water breaks.  Volunteers prepare and serve several times during weekend rehearsals and band camp. This does not include after school rehearsals.

Chaperone:  Chaperones are on hand for all home and away games for the protection of our students.

Flag Construction:  Sewing experience not required, but it is a PLUS! Construction consists of cutting, ironing and sewing. This is a huge task that takes many volunteers.  The big push generally occurs during band camp, however the process may begin sooner.

Medical: Medical professionals (nurses, doctors, EMT’s, etc.) are on hand throughout band camp and sporadically throughout the season. Band camp is an especially difficult time with the students acclimating to the heat, therefore having medical on hand helps diminish major medical issues.

Uniforms: Each marching season, uniforms must be fitted for each marching band member. There is no sewing required.  Volunteers are needed to assist in the fitting and adjusting of arm and leg hems, to iron cuffs and assigning/labeling.

Poboy Sales: LHS holds a spring and fall general band fundraiser by selling po’boys.  Volunteers are needed for setup, cooking, preparation, distribution and cleanup.

Bandboree: Bandboree is a marching competition hosted and held at LHS. Several schools around the area premier their marching shows here.  The event attracts a large spectator crowd.  Volunteers are needed for setup and tear down, concessions, cooking, traffic and parking, hydration (of participating bands), band liaison and other committees as deemed necessary.

Dad’s Work Day: Generally this day occurs prior to band camp or school rehearsals.  Dad’s (mom is welcome too!) do anything from grass cutting and weed eating, concession/hydration station and bathroom cleaning, stadium cleaning, band room or equipment repairs etc.  We want to get everything we can ready ahead of time so that the facilities are ready for the band!

Ye Olde Christmas:  This is our annual Christmas concert spread over 2-3 nights.  Volunteers are needed to serve, accept tickets or decorate depending on the venue used.

Transportation: These volunteers prepare, pack and possibly haul the band equipment for band road trips, in town games or marching competitions.

Alumni Night: Generally occurs in conjunction with Homecoming festivities.  Volunteers will help setup and serve jambalaya, cake and drinks to our visitors under the band tent located inside the stadium near the band.

Senior Night: Seniors will be honored during the football season.  Volunteers will help prepare flowers for presentation, setup and take down the tent area for the reception and serve cake and punch.

Louisiana Concert Band Invitational: Our own regional Music for All concert program.  This is a new program held at a local venue.  Volunteers are needed for reception, concessions, clean up, shirt and ticket sales, etc.

General volunteer: This volunteer is up for anything and everything needed by the band.

In the wise words of Mr. Scotty Walker, “It takes many hands to make the work load light.” Please consider giving of your time to help your kids achieve success on and off the field.  We appreciate any time you are able to share with us!

Questions? Email MLBBF.