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ALL fundraising volunteers MUST complete the two forms below. Please download, print, and sign the Volunteer Release Form. It can be turned into Mrs. Sabo or Tammy Anderson. You must ALSO complete the UL Lafayette Police Department Game Day Credentials online form.
Sodexo Volunteer Release Form
UL Lafayette Game Day Credentials

Fundraisers are happening all year long!

If you would like receive emails about fundraisers, send an email to the fundraiser coordinator, Tammy Anderson.

Money earned from Sodexo concessions at UL Lafayette sporting events (football, softball, baseball, and track) Festival International, Cajundome concessions and many other opportunities help pay band and travel fees.

Only band students and their parents (and other adults like aunts, uncles, grandparents) will be allowed to work.  No younger siblings will be allowed at fundraisers.

We prep approximately 2 hours before each game and clean/take inventory at the end.  You must be there the whole time.

For UL Lafayette events, Sodexo requires us to wear a t-shirt that they will provide. Give your size when you sign up and they will be available at each game or you may purchase one to bring home and wear each time you work.

You will also be required to buy and wear a $5 Ragin’ Cajuns hat. Once you buy your hat – you will need to bring it to each game you work. The dress code is – black or khaki pants or shorts, closed toe shoes, wear provided/purchased shirt and hat.

For football games, you must show your driver’s license at the gate when entering and students must show ID.

Workers with bar cards are in high demand. If you are interested in getting a bar card so that you might sell beer at the games please sign up and take the 2 hour class. We have more spots requiring a bar card than ever before.

Here is the link to register and take the online class:

*** Please note – Everyone needs to sign up on the ULL police website as a concession worker. ***

You will need your driver’s license to sign up. Here is the link:

When you email to work please add your child’s full name and your full name, if you have a shirt and hat, and if you have a bar card. Lastly, please share this information with any other band members and parents interested in fundraising.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!