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The Lafayette High Band enjoys a reputation for musical excellence aesthetically complemented by vivid visual images and movement reflecting the mood and character of the music.  The Lafayette High Marching Band is now recognized as one of the top programs in the United States.  To continue in this tradition of success requires a high degree of dedication, effort, and pride on the part of each person involved.  The Lafayette High Band will perform at football games, contests, and other performance arenas in the area. Participation in the marching band is a requirement for all band students at Lafayette High.

The Competitive Marching Band is an audition only ensemble with emphasis placed on seniority.  Those students not selected for the competitive marching band will have an opportunity to perform in the Spirit Marching Band.  All Band students at Lafayette High School are required to participate in Spirit Band.

The Half Time Band (Spirit) will provide a means for uniting members of the Mighty Lion Band Program from Grades 9 through 12. The Spirit Band will provide an entertaining show in contrast to the competitive marching band by performing during the home game halftime program. There will be only a few rehearsals for this ensemble, therefore rehearsals are mandatory.

The Competitive Marching Band is a state of the art marching band. Membership is based on seniority and through an audition process based on a set number of marching band performers. Heavy emphasis is placed on the students playing ability. The process also includes a student’s performance ability. Due to the competitive nature of selection to the CMB, each member is expected to display the utmost in responsibility to the ensemble. Attendance at rehearsals and performances are absolutely mandatory, music must be “passed off” when is required and dot books must be maintained to the highest quality possible.